In today’s security environment, passwords are no longer secure enough on their own for providing user access to your business systems.

Your staff are easy to identify by their email address. And they are, unfortunately, also too easy to identify by their passwords – because with so many to remember, they often use the same few for multiple purposes. All it takes is for a service they use to be hacked, and your own information assets and data can be at risk.

Multi-factor authentication is a powerful way to fend off cyberattacks because it is based on each user being identified in two or more of the following ways:

  • Something they know, such as a password
  • Something they have, such as a text to their mobile or an algorithm-based token
  • Something they are, such as a face scan or fingerprint (biometrics)

IT For Business can recommend and implement a suitable authorisation system to make it easy and simple for your staff to access your systems – but nobody else.

Make it harder for hackers to exploit your IT defences with automatic password generation
Avoid falling victim to the millions of fraudulent sign-ins attempted around the clock
Secure your IT systems wherever they are – on your premises or in the cloud

Only 26%

of businesses use multi-factor authentication, yet it is almost 100% effective at stopping hackers from gaining access to company resources

Source: LastPass

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