A well-trained workforce is an essential part of an organisation’s overall security posture

IT for Business can support your business in creating the policies and procedures and provide cyber security awareness training courses that educate your employees to recognise and prevent cyber attacks.

Let us educate your team so they become a human firewall

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Is Your Workforce Cyber Security Aware?

Cyber security awareness training is an essential component of any organisation’s cyber security strategy.

Employees who receive cyber security awareness training are better equipped to protect sensitive information.

Understanding the psychology behind human errors helps organisations to know how to prevent mistakes before they turn into data leaks. Cyber training tools such as SPAM simulations is how we can help your business identify the weakest links.

IT for Business can help your business create the policies and procedures and provide cyber security awareness training that helps your employees recognise and prevent attacks.

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'88% Of Data Breaches Are Caused By Human Error'

Psychology of Human Error - Report by Stanford University 2020

Areas We Cover In Our Training And Workshops

Password management: How to create and use strong passwords and how to avoid common password-related mistakes.

Email security: How to identify and avoid phishing emails, spam, and malware.

Social engineering: How to recognise and avoid social engineering scams, such as pretexting, baiting, and quid pro quo.

Mobile device security: How to protect smartphones and tablets from cyber threats.

Data protection: How to handle data securely, including encryption, backup, and disposal.

Simulated phishing attacks: Custom phishing templates used to orchestrate and SPAM and phishing attack which includes analytics and reporting.

Incident response: How to report security incidents and what steps to take in case of a cyber-attack.

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Business Benefits of Cyber Security Awareness Training

Increased Security

Training reduces the risk of cyber attacks by educating employees on how to recognise and prevent threats.

Compliance With Regulations

Helps to achieve compliance with data protection regulations and standards.

Cost Savings

Reduce the cost of data breaches, downtime, and lost productivity.

Improved Employee Morale

An investment in staff knowledge provides a massive ROI in protection of your data.

Competitive Advantage

Gain the competitive edge by demonstrating to customers and partners you take data protection seriously.

Help your employees understand the importance of cyber security

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