Firewalls are like cyber security guards – checking everything that attempts to enter or exit your IT systems.

Firewalls work for you around the clock, identifying unauthorised attempts to enter your virtual perimeter or remove information assets from it. A combination of software and hardware, best-in-class firewalls are constantly updating as new cybersecurity threats emerge.

IT For Business can assess your requirements to select the right firewall for your needs – based on your network configuration, location of information assets and your specific business technology needs, including:

  • Installation on your network and tailored configuration
  • Remote monitoring and management – including threat response – from our Security Operations Centre (SOC)
  • Real-time monitoring of your gateway end points and activity within your corporate network
  • Regular security reporting

Your choice of management

Firewall management is available as part of our Managed IT Services, or as a standalone Managed Firewall Service.

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