It’s not only your data that’s at risk – it’s your business continuity and reputation.

Theft of your data can cost you competitive advantage and its loss or corruption can seriously disrupt your business operations. Now, with the introduction of mandatory data breach reporting, it can now cause very public embarrassment to your business brand – especially if you hold sensitive consumer data.

IT For Business has significant expertise in all aspects of data security including:

  • Security strategy advice and consulting on cybersecurity risks
  • Security policy development and procedural advice
  • Penetration Testing services to check the resilience of your IT systems against cyber attacks
  • Remote replication of live sites for rapid failover recovery
  • Offsite back-ups from our secure data centre facility to reduce tape costs and enable faster recovery from disaster

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Would your business survive the loss of its data? How up to date are your BC and DR plans – and when did you last test them?
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