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About IT For Business

IT For Business is a private organisation based in Melbourne, specialising in the provision of Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) products and services. With over 10 years’ experience covering all aspects of business setup – from electrical cabling, broadband connections, procurement of IT hardware and software, to the development and implementation of customer networks – we have the expertise your business needs.

We take particular pride in the excellence of  the ongoing IT maintenance support we provide.

At IT For Business, we understand the diverse and complex relationship between telecommunications and IT, providing peace of mind with comprehensive solutions tailored to suit each customer’s requirements. With a focus on project management of ICT infrastructure, ranging from the design of new network systems with scalability for expansion, through to the improvement and replacement of legacy systems, IT For Business understands the latest IT developments and the cost/benefit of each for your business.

Operating nationally, IT For Business believes that communication is paramount and we pride ourselves on the personal support offered to our clients. When you call IT For Business, you will not be directed to a call centre, but will speak directly with one of the team to  ensure your needs are met promptly and efficiently.


The IT For Business team provides a professional IT service dedicated to meeting your day to day needs with our IT Helpdesk and on-site technicians.

David Cicciarelli

As an IT specialist, David has over 15 years experience in delivering quality IT solutions and services to clients. His experience includes successfully developing and implementing managed service solutions for SMB with a focus on IT governance. He specialises in IT service management and sourcing solutions to assist organisations to enhance their productivity. Prior to joining ITB, David was a director of Scope IT Solutions where his focus was on offering full ICT service to clients.

Craig Macdonald

Craig Macdonald

Craig began his career with PWC and thereafter has been involved in the telecommunications and IT sector for over 20 years, working at both Optus and Telstra.  As principal of the group, he leads the team, providing direction and solutions for telecommunication and IT services across a broad client base.  Craig combines his financial skills, with his ability to simplify technical issues and articulate solutions for customers.

John Anderson

John is a qualified Engineer with over 20 years’ experience with Shell in the Oil and Gas Industry. He specialises in transformation project management and risk management, covering all elements of business process and control framework design and implementation. At IT For Business, as our Business and Compliance Manager, John manages specialised client projects and IT For Business’s internal business process improvement initiatives and compliance.


Mark Provis

As one of our Senior IT members, Mark has had extensive experience in the ICT industry. He spent 12 years with the Leightons Group in lead IT project and management roles supporting multiple sites.  From here he built a strong technical base and strengthened his client support relations. Mark is responsible for managing some of our largest clients in Australian & NZ and provides strong technical support to our IT Team.

Adam Minifie

With over 17 years’ experience as an IT Manager with Hendry Group, Adam is highly adept with server management, operating systems, hardware and software. Adam is a great asset to IT for Business as a Level 3 Systems and Network Engineer and has the ability to manage some of the toughest IT problems and successfully deliver complete solutions.


Jesse Ahearne

Jesse is a qualified Project Manager with extensive experience running complex projects and programmes nationally. Previously engaged in running maintenance and compliance projects in the retail fuel industry, Jesse has taken his 7 years of experience in this sector and chosen to apply it to his passion, IT networking and systems administration. With broad technical skills and a drive to solve interesting IT problems, he has been an integral part of our team.


Kyle Cusack

Kyle has spent several years in the IT gaming industry in the development of 3D games. He is our Workshop Manager, responsible for all new laptop and desktop builds.  He has strong technical knowledge and has a great ability to provide a robust solution to some of the stickiest of IT issues.

Andrew Fraser

After gaining his Diploma of Network and Security, Andrew has  spent several years forging his skills with the SEDA Group helping to support the IT infrastructure of 2000 students and staff. Recently joining our team, his experience in multi user sites and his professional service ethos will make him a valuable member of our group.

Ben Pierard

After spending 15 years at Wesfarmers, Ben is one of the newer members to our team. Ben has had a substantial variety of support exposure over his 18 years in commercial IT. His experience as a Systems Administrator, Desktop Engineer, and Helpdesk Analyst allow Ben to answer all levels of troubleshooting.

Rohit Khullar

Rohit has a strong academic and practical background in IT combined with excellent experience as a Helpdesk Analyst. Rohit has many years of assisting with technical troubleshooting and is proficient in a range of computer systems, languages, tools and testing methodologies. With years of experience in customer service, Rohit is more often than not, the friendly voice answering your helpdesk queries.

Kate Macdonald

Kate Macdonald

Kate has a background in finance, working with PWC for several years where she qualified as a Chartered Accountant. She has worked in a variety of service-based industries, including funds management, and family office services, incorporating the management of investments, taxes, trusts, financial and legal matters. More recently, she’s been in the ICT sector working at a strategic and financial level.

Taryn Gilpin

Taryn Gilpin

Taryn has had over 9 years in the telecommunications industry working in operational and customer service roles. Prior to this she was in logistics and operations and has been an invaluable team member with her thorough knowledge of our customer base.

IT Support

IT for Business is trying to make IT easier for our customers. Our team experts with experience in all facets of the IT and they aim to deliver smart solutions to allow business owners to focus on running their business.

We also provide SQL Programming for a number of clients.

Contact us today on 03 9815 0911 - option 2.

We begin interacting with customers by assessing and auditing their current network which results in an agreed plan for implementation. The items we would look at during an audit include:

Icon for Business Connections

Broadband connections

Icon for Firewall and router

Firewall and router

Icon for Network Equipment

Network equipmentSwitches, Cabling

Icon for Business Software Applications

Business software applications

Icon for IT Equipment

IT equipmentDesktops, Laptops and Servers

We would discuss how all these components are used by the staff and move towards offering recommendations on how to improve the IT network. For those businesses that already have a solid IT foundation we usually start by introducing users to our help desk and start to accept customer calls. When we take on new customers we put monitoring in place to alert us to any proactive IT management required, so the aim is for us to know about the problem & resolve it before the customer’s business is impacted.

Office Moves & Relocations

Our team assist with office moves by moving your IT services to new locations including network infrastructure reconfigurations, broadband and phone connections, electrical works and data cabling.

Cloud or Hosted Solutions

Each customer’s situation is different and to that end we provide a range of IT solutions including either a cloud based or a hosted arrangement. We can move from on site to cloud, or in some cases we have moved from the cloud to an on site network too. These scenarios can include moving email, network files and also the VoIP phone system. We also offer the Microsoft Office 365 email service, or a company specific hosted email service in a local data centre

Data Backup

Tape and USB back ups are now a thing of the past. We install specific back up software on your server, which continuously backs up your data and writes it a separate storage device. The back up files are transferred to an offsite storage site after business hours. The backup process is important and is critical in a DR situation, so we monitor this process daily.

IT Hardware Software

IT Hardware & Software

IT for Business offers a full range of IT equipment including desktops, laptops, servers and network equipment. We usually recommend and sell HP equipment but have supply arrangements with most brands. We are an accredited Microsoft Small Business Specialist offering customised software and the full suite of Microsoft licensing.

Tailored Risk Assessment & Management

Tailored Risk Assessment & Management

We provide tailored security and risk management solutions including security software, email security, anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-spy ware. Call 03 9815 0911 to organise a complete audit and analysis.

Contact us today to find out more >


We have a friendly team of technicians on our help desk who are there to assist when you need help. The IT help desk can be easily reached by phone (or by email), and in most cases, the phone should be answered by a technician, not a voicemail. The help desk technicians can usually access your desktops or servers remotely and fix most issues you may be experiencing, and if not they can visit site to fix the issue in person.

The help desk can be contacted:

VoIP and Broadband


VoIP is incredibly flexible and allows for fast changes in business. VoIP allows you to take your business numbers anywhere at any time without struggling with the bureaucracy and exorbitant fees of traditional carriers.

With VoIP your phone systems functions with purpose and practicality, it allows businesses to trim the dead weight and cost of unused lines and numbers when the business requires. IT Managers are able to make real time changes on call flows and user activity in house.

VoIP works by moving your existing numbers and lines to operate on the internet and terminate on the PSTN and Mobile network. Usually business numbers are with large carriers, like Telstra or Optus, and are ported to us. These numbers are electronically registered to our carrier grade data centre to manage high volumes of inbound and outbound call traffic at excellent speed and quality. Customers typically save 50% when moving from traditional telecom providers.

We can also provide the following services for your VoIP systems:

  • Port existing phone numbers
  • Issue new phone numbers
  • Set up the numbers to register on a VoIP phone system.
  • Quote for new broadband connections


We can also provide pricing and installation of business grade broadband services, generally with synchronous speeds. We can arrange for either a copper service or a fibre service, with speeds carrying from 10Mb:10Mb up to 400Mb:400Mb.

Please contact us to discuss your options

Customers and Testimonials

Lauren Hammond - IT & Systems Manager | Skybus

Since switching to IT For Business we have had excellent customer service and responsiveness to our business. ITB have assisted us with the rapid expansion of our business and the seamless integration of new businesses we have acquired. The staff on the phone and on the helpdesk are great to deal with and they all work together to provide us a superior service, across all our sites in Australia and NZ

Luke Robertson – Financial Controller | APM Group

We have worked with ITB for approximately 6 years. They have provided advice on all aspects of our IT infrastructure, including assisting us with moving offices, broadband connections and also servicing our remote sites across Victoria.

Karen Kandur – Chief Financial Officer | Opportunity International Australia

We requested ITB to conduct a complete review of our IT&T infrastructure and since working with them we have seen significant savings, efficiencies, and their team has been incredibly helpful and accommodating.

Parrish Davis – COO | Evans and Partners

Vince and the team at ITB have upgraded our Exchange server and software, and since that time we have had no downtime. Their responsiveness and ability to translate the technology into terms we understand makes decision making much easier.


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APM Group


IT for Business

Level 1, 169 Burwood Road, Hawthorn Victoria, 3122
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